Programmable Hoists

Programmable Hoists

Types of Programmable Hoists

CJI can design and fabricate several types of programmable hoists, utilizing the one that best fits your application.

Cantilevered Sidearm

Generally used for small, lightweight loads. Operates on rails located above and behind the process tanks.

Semi Bridge

Generally used for moderate size and weight loads. Operates on rails located above and behind the process tanks with a stabilizing rail in front at tank rim level.


Generally used for large size-and-weight loads. Operates on parallel rails located above and behind the tanks, approximately 36” to 48” above the tank rim.


Generally used for very large size and weight loads. Operates on parallel rails located above the process tanks, often suspended from the building. Programmable hoists supplied by CJI can operate in a time-way mode or a dynamically scheduled, multiple-recipe mode. They can use a friction or a pinion horizontal drive system with positioning by rotary encoder, optical encoder or laser. All use an open chain, counterbalanced lift system. Fabrication can utilize painted carbon steel or stainless steel.

Features Often Utilized on CJI’s Programmable Hoist Lines

With years of experience, CJI’s design and engineering team knows all of the “tricks” to provide an automated hoist line that will meet and exceed your expectations. Some of the features that we frequently utilize are:
  • Timeway Hoist Control
  • Dynamically Scheduled, Multiple-Recipe Hoist Control
  • Storage Queues
  • On-Line Tooling Storage
  • Data Logging & Historical Trending
  • Spill Containment Incorporated into Tank Base
  • Automated Drip Tray on Hoist
  • Exhaust Ventilation Booth on Hoist
  • Sprays on the Hoist
  • Work Tilt on Hoist
  • Articulated Hoist Pick Ups
  • Sprays on Tank Rim
  • “Bump” Agitation
  • Mechanical Agitation
  • Vibratory Agitation
  • Solution Flow Through Plating Rack or Process Fixture
  • Automatic, Recipe-Based Rectifier Control
  • Hot Entry/Exit
  • Auxiliary or Dual Polarity Flight Bars
  • Side to Side, Independent Rectification
  • Pulse Rectification
  • Flight-Bar Washing
  • Spring-Loaded DC Saddles
  • Wet Saddles
  • Up Barrel Rotation
  • Multi Rinse Stations
  • Automated Tank Covers
  • Exhaust Beneath Tank Covers
  • Semiautomated Water Break Test
  • Loading & Unloading from Rolling WIP Carts
  • Loading & Unloading from Elevating Load Stands
  • Automatic Loading & Unloading from Power & Free Conveyors
  • Anode Maintenance Station & Anode Flight Bars


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