Failsafe Fiberglass

Failsafe Fiberglass

A Division of CJI Process Systems


Failsafe Fiberglass, a division of CJI Process Systems, has been a top choice for customers seeking a full range of fiberglass services since 1977. If you’re seeking fiberglass services to help protect your equipment or projects from water or the elements, at Failsafe, we handle jobs of any shape or size with top-quality workmanship and materials.

Our Customers

Failsafe Fiberglass provides full-service offerings to both commercial and residential customers of all sizes. Our industrial customers typically include projects related to fiberglassing large tanks and liquid storage systems. Our service also reaches out to and supports the fiberglass needs of our residential community and can take on jobs of any size. Examples of residential projects include backyard swimming pools, planters, decks and rooftops.

Range of Fiberglass Services

Failsafe Fiberglass can meet all customers’ needs and achieve their desired end results. In order to ensure the highest-quality work, our best practices include using scaffolding or floor sanders to achieve the best finish possible. We offer a wide range of fiberglass services, which includes:

  • Tank Relinings
  • Containment Area
  • Nozzle Replacement
  • Manway Replacement
  • Ducting
  • Piping
  • Agitator FRP Lining

Highest-Quality Materials

At Failsafe, we take pride in using the best materials possible, in order to create the quality of work that we can stand by. These materials include:
  • Gel Coat/Pigment: White, Black, Color Pigment
  • Resins: ISO, 922, 411, 470
  • Materials: 1.5 oz mat, C-Veil, Nexus Veil, Woven Roving

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