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Getting It Right the First Time

Measure twice, cut once.

This timeless phrase above dates back hundreds of years, some evidence showing it may have originated almost 500 years ago! Although it came about during a much simpler time in human history, it remains quite poignant and relevant today because those involved with the social sciences have expanded this phrase to embody our need to carefully plan and consider an action before said action is taken. As it relates to the world of manufacturing and fabrication, adhering to these four simple words can help eliminate errors, reduce waste, conserve materials, save time, and increase productivity and profits for all parties involved. 

Among the most famous examples of ignoring such advice was the major defect that almost rendered NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope useless. Upon its placement into orbit in 1990, the rich, vibrant views of nebulas, novas, and galaxies that were promised by Hubble’s development team during its 15 year development beamed back little more than fuzzy, out-of-focus images. It was discovered that during Hubble's construction phase its main mirror became flawed when a testing device used to check for properly shaped non-spherical mirrors had been incorrectly assembled. This resulted in one lens being out of position by an astonishing 1.3 mm, an extreme amount in such a highly precise instrument.

Rather than write off Hubble, it was decided that it could be repaired. Thanks to Shuttle mission STS-61 and its crew of seven astronauts, Hubble’s optics were corrected and it promptly began performing its duties of exploring the furthest depths of the universe ever since.

Closer to home, the professionals at CJI Process Systems treat the above phrase as a personal mantra, and for good reason! Consider that almost everything we produce, from process tank lines to corrosive exhaust ducting to multi-stage spray washers is custom-tailored to suit the needs of our clients. Our designers spend a great deal of time perfecting each respective design to ensure all specifications are being met correctly before a single part is fabricated all the while adhering to all relevant codes, such as the ASME B31.1 Pressure Piping Code.

We accomplish this by analyzing the intended use, placement, and physical environment of the components while simultaneously taking into account the expected lifespan of the system. In addition, we remain in constant contact with our clients (and any necessary suppliers) to learn everything we can about specific concerns, issues, or priorities. We focus on every conceivable detail because there’s no room for error in the manufacturing business, especially if you’re CJI Process Systems.

For over 20 years, corporate and government clients around the world have trusted CJI Process Systems for the design, fabrication, and installation of their process equipment. Through meticulous quality control and testing, CJI devotes the time and resources to deliver the highest quality products, materials, and workmanship necessary to exceed your expectations, guaranteed. To learn more about how CJI finds solutions for your specific needs, contact us at (800) FABRICATE.